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power cuts

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Will there be power cuts? Read more

power cuts


In the production plan of JSC ESM, it is foreseen that the three blocks in REC Bitola will start functioning from November. This year, we will make an attempt not to do classic overhauls with stoppages of 30, 60 or 90 days, but to carry them out in periods when there will be a reduction in power, that is, space for rehabilitation, indicated today the general director of JSC ESM, Vasko Kovacevski, reports MIA .

He emphasized that all the employees are working and that overhaul activities are being carried out in REC Bitola and REC Oslomej, but, as he said, technological activities are also being carried out for rehabilitation and preparation of coal mining.

-Block 3 in REK Bitola is at a standstill due to a burnt transformer from external influence during December last year and the health condition. In progress, the existing transformer is being serviced in Belgrade, and the discharged transformer is being procured for the purchase of a transformer that has not been made for 40 years since the commissioning of REK Bitola.

We expect at the end of September or the beginning of October that one of the transformers will arrive and at the end of October we will be at full capacity with REK Bitola so that one of the units can undergo a short overhaul, Kovacevski said in response to a journalist’s question in today’s press -conference in the Government together with the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi.

Then, from the beginning of November until April 30, while the heating season lasts, as he said, REC Bitola will be able to operate with three blocks, that is, with maximum capacity so we will avoid any power cuts.

– And REC Oslomej is currently at a standstill due to annual overhaul activities that will mean stability and continuous operation of the thermal power plant in the period from October 1 to the end of April next year. This is why additional purchases of coal are being made for REC Oslomej so that this important capacity for the reliability and stability of the energy system can work in full condition and with full production during the heating season, Kovacevski said.

He pointed out that AD ESM has reduced items in public procurement for non-productive costs or items that are not needed for this period and can be postponed for the coming years, worth about 50 million euros. – On that basis, this year, around 50 million euros will not be spent, which will indirectly be savings for the company and the state, because the priority in this period will be the direct production of electricity so that we do not end up in a situation where we have stoppages, i.e. purchases and purchase of electricity at significantly higher prices than the current ones, specifies Kovacevski.

Fears grow homes and small businesses will face winter power cuts

Fears are growing that homes and small businesses will face power cuts this winter as Ireland’s electricity system faces increased problems, including unreliable wind power and older generators.

Low wind and electricity imports, along with unexpected power-plant shutdowns, squeezed supplies on Tuesday, increasing the risk of a power cut.

National grid operator Eirgrid issued a system alert, confirming that the buffer between electricity supply and demand was lower “than optimum”, but stressing that there was no loss of power to customers.

It is understood the ongoing squeeze on electricity supplies has left senior Eirgrid figures pessimistic about getting through the winter without cutting electricity supplies to parts of the Republic when demand is high, known as “load shedding”.

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