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Prices are kept “high”

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Almost two months have passed since the food sector started using subsidized electricity from the state, but citizens still do not notice a reduction in food prices in markets. Except for a few basic products, everything else is either sold at the same price as before December or has an additional price increase, contrary to the obligation to have a reduction of at least 10 percent. Social justice activist Zdravko Saveski tells that the government should give companies seven days to reduce prices, and if there is still no change, they should be charged penalties.

“The state is obliged not only to stop the subsidy, but to demand from the companies the return of the subsidies because obviously, as with any agreement, if the second party does not respect the agreement, the first party can demand the return of the funds that they provided,” said Saveski .

Regarding the statements of some of the economic ministers in the government and the prime minister himself that the measure for cheaper electricity for food producers has yielded results and there is a reduction, Saveski says to say exactly where they shop and what specifically has been reduced. However, the Ministry of Economy remains of the opinion that prices are decreasing and a period of stabilization will follow.

“As the Government, we bring policies and measures to stabilize the market. Can we influence the prices of imports from outside the country? We cannot influence that”, the Ministry of Economy states.

But the citizens surveyed said that they are struggling to make it through the month.

“Nothing has become cheaper, I haven’t noticed, I was there in the morning, the same prices all the time…”
“There is no cheaper, there is no standard, there is nothing. “Everything is destroyed,” the citizens said.

In the world stock markets, there is a continuous decline in the prices of energy and wheat, which means that even without electricity subsidies, companies have room to reduce the prices of final products. However, the State Statistical Office also confirmed that food products in the country are sold at old – high prices. He announced that in December, compared to November last year, inflation was reduced by only an insignificant 0.2 percent.