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People is still expecting price reduction

The government will once again determine the rich products that in the new year should be sold with a higher tax.

The draft version of the food products, which according to the government, not everyone can afford, can be replaced with 5 of this month, it was announced that it is given with 10 will be protected.

Over 3,000 basic products in the offer have a preferential tax rate. But among them, the products are bought only by those who buy them with deep pockets, such as shark fins, truffles, luxury cheeses, cheeses, spices, prosciutto, but also almond and coconut milk, restricted types of sea fish and some tropical fruits.

Also, after the New Year, the government announced a reduction in VAT from 18% to 5% for menstrual hygiene pads. But there is still no reduction in price. After they are adopted, the legal amendments will have to be approved in the Parliament, and then the traders in the markets will have to check their fiscal cash registers.

According to the former director of the Internal Revenue Service, it will be a burden for the companies, but not as big as the increase in the price of the products that the citizens will receive.

This month, citizens are also waiting for the price reduction of some of the basic products, whose producers received subsidized electricity to reduce prices. According to the announcements, the percentage of price reduction would range from 10 to 13 percent.