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Interal audit services

  • Our IT Internal Audit services professionals offer solutions to help clients extend their internal audit oversight and performance, addressing IT risks as well as broader organization-wide business risks, such as cybersecurity.


Our services

  • External quality assessment (EQA) over the effectiveness of existing internal audit arrangements;
  • Development and assessment of risk management and internal audit frameworks;
  • Development and assessment of risk-based internal audit strategies and plans;
  • Delivery of all or part of an internal audit plan through a core team, supplemented by specialists as required;
  • Supplementing existing internal audit teams with additional manpower;
  • Provision of specialist internal audit and consulting assistance for areas of added risk or complexity;
  • Provision of specialist seconded staff to fill roles at all levels of an organisation (and secondment opportunities within Mazars);
  • Reviews of outsource service providers;
  • Advice and training on how to improve internal audit approaches and methodologies.;
  • A ‘helpdesk’ for ad hoc internal audit, risk management, governance and related queries; and
  • Regulatory compliance reviews and consultancy (eg. FCA / PRA, Sarbanes-Oxley, E-Commerce Regulations).

Digital internal audit

Technological advances and trends in advanced analytics, robotic process automation, and cognitive intelligence are rapidly reshaping business models, improving productivity, and enabling innovation in the way organizations operate and conduct business. We help IA departments assess and understand the new opportunities associated with these technologies so they remain proactive in advising senior management on preventing and detecting new and emerging risks.